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It was quite difficult to walk into Avignon as the entire city consitsts of a bewildering amount of streets that cannot be crosses without risking your life. As we were venutring our way into town we passes by numerous places where people left big piles of trash behind. This was the first impression of Avignon that we got. We reckoned that Avignon had to be a shabby place. However, when we enterd the city center we were amazed to find ourselves surrouned by a beatiful shiny city wall and a well preserved old town. Bases in the center of town you can find the magnificant pope palace which had played an important role in the inner clash of the cathlotic church during the middle ages.

We set up camp at the campground at the other side of the Rhone. The river Rhone flows directly through Avignon. Soon we started preparing for the upcoming event. We contacted several local newspapers and supermarkets to cooperate with us. We picked up food from the supermarkets, that otherwise would have been thrown away. The kitchen crew did an awesome job to cook nice vegan meals for our visitors. Everyone was busy in their work groups . For example, the promotion team went into town to get the attention of the Avignon citizens by taking the wagons through town and handing out flyers. Before the event we did a parade through the city centre aiming at bringing as much people tgether as possible.

In the end, the event was spectacular since we dared to take position right in front of the pope's palace. The view from there was breathtaking. Lisa's concert and the silent disco drew many people to our location to dance and talk with us. Overall, we were happy with the outcome of the event and we are looking forward to our next one in Nimes.

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After some hesitation, we've decided to take a day off today. A total of five different wok groups have been set up in the morning and everyone is busy with organizing, planing, recovering and maintainence. More means more structure is required in order to stay efficient. It also means that more Talking and communication Needs to be done. Things are being discussed in our democratic cyrcle, so everyone has it's Chance to speak out and participate.

Plans are made and we are keen to get to Avignon to do our next Event!

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Currently, we are on our way to Avignon. Yesterday we walked from a small town near Valence to our new destination, located close to Donzere. Six new people have joined the group, which means that we are a total of 25 people now. Awesome! The walking distance that we managed was roughly 27km. For most of the time we were following the Rhone. On our way we passed by some nice lakes and decided to go for a swim. Although, it was a long day with heavy bags we had a lot of fun together and had enough time to get to know each other more. At the end of the day, we joined in with the bike crew at our new location where we set up cap and prepared food etc. We also got to know the newly arrived people . It's great to be such a large group now. Everone is motivated to share ideas, knowledge and energy.

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