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Registration for WALK FOR THE PLANET 2019

Welcome! We are happy that you want to join us. Here is some information for people taking part. Please don´t be alarmed by the long list but take time to thoroughly read it. Our peace walk can only work out as a joint effort and if we care for each other and feel comfortable in the group.


Fill in the following form to register for the walk under reserve and in agreement to the arrangements stated below. As soon as we will have dealt with all organisational and legal questions, we will confirm your registration.

We can only guarantee a certain amount of accommodations. Therefore it is best to register and let us know the exact time you are going to walk with us as soon possible (best a few days before you arrive)

If you intend to join us after the start on July 6th, please register some days before your arrival.


Start of the walk: Saturday, July 6th, Freiburg im Breisgau

Duration of the walk: at least 2 months (July 6th- September 6th or longer)



Registration "Walk for the Planet"

Communication via telephone will be used over the messenger Telegram. With this messenger we can reach you during the walk if plans are changed (e.g. meeting points, travel times for the next day, emergencies etc.). Your telephone number is voluntary.

Agreements between you and "Planet Earth Movement"


The organisers of the Walk for the planet will do their utmost to create the best possible conditions for the peace walk. This walk is something we have never organised or done before – probably you neither. It is therefore likely that not everything will run smoothly and “perfect”. For this reason we would like to stipulate a broad arrangement with you for a peaceful cooperation.


I am a least 18 years old. Children and teenagers can only take part together with a supervisor ( authorised parent or legal guardian)


Peaceful togetherness

I will not use any form of violence (psychological , physical) and will actively contribute to a successful peace walk.



If another participant of the walk needs help, I will help as much I can and help to find appropriate solutions. I will also take care of my own security and in case of doubt consult with the people in charge.

All meals during the walk will be plant based for political, ideological and symbolical reasons. I support this idea and declare that I am willing to provide my own food and food supplements if necessary. If possible the organisers will offer daily meals in exchange for a donation. Our group will make tasty, vegan dishes.


I will make sure to have enough drinking water at all times


Personal responsibility

The “Walk for the planet” has to cover about 22-30 km per day (5 days a week expected). I will take care of myself and will responsibly assess my personal fitness. If I cannot keep up with the walk due to physical or health reasons I will organise my travels to the next stop myself (in case of doubt by public transport). I am fully responsible for any medical treatments and I will take care of sufficient and light luggage (everyone has to carry their own backpack). I will organise the outward and return journey myself.

Walking and other ecofriendly forms of movement
The walk for The Planet is deliberately defined as peaceful march. We are happy about everybody joining us on the walk.Should you be in doubt whether you will manage the daily routes for health or fitness reasons or do not like hiking, you have the option to travel along by bicycle, scooter, inline skates or wheel chair. Please consider though that we will also walk along rough  paths and that you have to look for suitable, asphalted roads for yourself. Another alternative is to join our ecological support vehicles which drive ahead at a bicycle pace.



The organisers will try to arrange accommodation for all the participants who registered early. Should there be a limited number of places to sleep somewhere, I will organise accomomdation myself. If we bivouack or camp somewhere I will carry the legal risks myself.

Cleanliness and hygiene

I will take care to leave the places like they were when I arrived. Additionally I am mindful of nature and hosts. I will help to keep the places clean, take care of my own hygiene and dispose of my trash.



I will take full responsibility for my pets such as dogs. People travelling longer that a few days/weeks cannot take their pets along as they are not allowed in most shared and private accommodations.



I will wear the “Walk for the planet” wrist band/ identifier, which the organisers will give to me when I arrive. Once I take it off, it will be understood as leaving the group. By wearing the wrist band/ identifier, I agree to these and following agreements concerning the walk for the planet. The current stipulations can be found on the website or obtained through the organisers during the walk


Legal matters

I will follow the laws of the respective country and orders of police officers. I will organise all the required documents (identity documents, entry papers etc.) and carry them with me during the “Walk for the Planet”. I take responsibility for any valuable objects I carry and to get necessary insurances.


I will not consume any alcohol during our day walk to contribute to the positive image of „Walk for the planet“. I will abstain from the consumption of any illegal drugs and from excessive alcohol consumption at any times



All my work during the walk will be voluntary and free of charge. I exempt the organisers from any claims.


Media rights

A comprehensive coverage which is to reach as many media and people is essential for the "walk for the planet". I agree to the publication if images, audio and video materials in any publicly accessible media (worldwide, irrevocably, without any time limit).



Participants who do not abide by the agreements stipulated will be excluded from the “Walk for the planet”.

Thank you for your registration!

Please give us a time frame in which you are joining the walk as precise as possible so that we can organise our walk better. Topics of organisation for which your time frame can be important are security, accommodation, provision and more. The more precise your time frame, the better we can plan in advance.

Would you like to take over a certain task during the walk? Do you have special skills which you would like to include in the walk/programme? In this field you can make a note. We are thankful for every help and will get in touch with you when we need your engagement! (for example: getting food, cooking, security, event organisation, translation, hygiene etc.)

Who should we contact in the event of an emergency, accident, illness or similar contact? Please provide name and contact details such as telephone number, email address or similar.

Your data will not be disclosed by us to third parties and will not be used for any purpose other than the stated information purposes.

As the “walk for the planet” is in need of financing, we would like you to give a voluntary donation (15 - 25 euros would be great). We can only make this project happen together; thank you for your support!


We are happy that you are joining us! :-)

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