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! We changed our Route because of too much mountains on our way. Please check the new route here !

The route is planned to start in Freiburg im Breisgau, crossing villages and towns via Switzerland and France to Spain and maybe Portugal. The journey is its own reward. We want to spread our ideas as far as possible to reach as many as possible: “Walk for the planet”.

Our peace walk will begin on Saturday, July 6th in Freiburg and presumably take us through following cities:

06.07.2019 Freiburg Start of the "Walk for the Planet"
10 am Stadtgarten

06.07.2019 Bad Krozingen/Tunsel
6 pm Uhr Gartencoop

08.07.2019 Lörrach

09.07. - 10.07.2019 Basel
3 pm Claraplatz
Cinema, Concert, Silent Disco, Vegan Food & more

14.07. - 15.07.2019 Audincort
Cinema, Concert, Vegan Food & more

18.07 - 20.07.2019 Besançon (Twin City of Freiburg)

19.07.2019 Besançon
4 pm La Gare d'eau
Cinema, Concert, Silent Disco, Vegan Food & more

20.07. - 25.07.2019 Besançon to Chalon-sur-Saône
2 pm "Walk for the Planet"

25.07. - 28.07.2019 Chalon-sur-Saône
Dans la Rue: free theatre and music festival
Cinema, Concert, Silent Disco & more

02.08. - 04.08. Lyon

05.08. Condrieu


06.08. Vion

07.08. - 09.08 Valence

10.08. Savasse


11.08. Mondragon

12.08. Roquemaure

13.08. - 15.08. Avignon

16.08. Comps


17.08. - 18.08 Nimes

19.08. Boissieres

20.08. Sussergues

21.08 - 23.08. Montpellier

- Perpignan
- Barcelona

maybe Valencia 
maybe Granada
(Twin City of Freiburg)

Our journey in France: Oltingue, Réchésy, Montbeliard, Saint-Maurice-Colombier, Hyèvre-Paroisse, Roulans, BESANCON, Chouzelot, Montbarrey, Chaussin, Navilly, Gergy, CHALON-SUR-SAÔNE, Lyon, Montpellier, Perpignan ... BARCELONA.

This route would be about 2100 kilometres which we intend to walk in 3.5 months. We want to follow our plan for at least 2 months..

Neue Route.jpg
20180807_195542 (MK).jpg

We will carry our message of climate protection, global nutrition and mobility directly into the villages, townships and festivals on the way. Other than talks about climate change we will screen the movie “Agrocalypse – the day GMO Soy arrived” followed by talks with the director who is also a member of our initiative.

To stress the seriousness of our movement, we will walk the complete distance. This will enable everyone to become a part of “Walk for the planet” and to participate.

We want to get involved on a personal level to present our topics immediately and directly.

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