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The growing animal food industry’s demand for plant-based resources results in rising world market pricing levels. Crop, corn, and soy become expensive, the resources run short. At the same time multi national agriculture organizations produce ever more. This leads to agricultural deserts in many countries.

Feld Klimawandel.jpg

Through deforestation and slash-and-burn land clearance, vast quantities of CO2 are freed. Climate gases that previously were stored in trees now have been released into the atmosphere. Additionally, cows produce methane which is released during digestion. Methane is 25 times more harmful for our climate than CO2. Already, today’s beef cattle is considered the second most important reason for climate change and its devastating consequences.


For many years now, we have been witnessing our climate changing. The polar ice caps are melting faster and faster, glaciers are thawing, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather conditions occur more frequently. The economically weak southern regions of this world are hit especially hard by this development. Heat waves and drought periods are on the rise, drinking water runs short. In the future, people will become refugees because of food shortage, starvation and thirst.

For Europe this will bring unforeseeable consequences. We now already experience climate change here. The seasons get mixed up, the winters become milder, the summers reach ever new temperature highs. Researchers share insights that the glaciers in the European alps will have melted by 2100.

Political and global solutions are far away from being reached. That’s why it is our responsibility. We can fight climate change with an environmentally aware consumption and diet.


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