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Our peaceful initiative stands for positive concepts. Our aim is to draw attention to global warming. At large it is important for us to deliver our message with simple and positive examples.

We are not a radical group, neither are we conservative, nor do we want to lecture others. We just want to show examples of what is possible today and that for every single person there are ways out of the complacency that global warming imposes. We are not waiting for our governments to set the right frameworks first or for questionable companies to decide when to finally act, we are starting with ourselves today – that means now and in the future.

We are going to show how small changes and a responsible attitude can have a big impact. 50 years after the 68’ movement our generations can do more than escaping reality. Our wish is to enhance the principles of personal freedom, for which many of us are still fighting every day, with the principle of a healthy environment for all living beings.

Our focus therefore lies in every single individual of our society, not in pointing fingers on politics or organisations. 

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