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Since our founding at the end of July 2018, our initiative quickly grew its engagement. We are aware that we can’t lose any more time and therefore should start right away.

We are working intently to widen our network and finding suitable members.  We are defining our concept further during weekly meetings, and we are spreading our ideas and intentions.



​“Walk for the planet 2018”, a 3 day walk from Freiburg via Kirchzarten to Denzlingen and back. In Kirchzarten we visited “Rock am Bach”, arranging our first pop up info stall and introducing our initiative. The next day we hiked to Freiburg and participated in the “Rise for Climate” demo. After, we visited an organic courtyard festival in Denzlingen. We screened “Good Soy, Bad Soy” and hosted talks with the director of the documentary. On the last day we hiked back to Freiburg. After all - within 3 days - we hiked 40km and reached out to hundreds of people.

  • “Dance for the planet” party in the Raeng Teng Teng club in Freiburg. More than 250 guests joined us.

  • “Cycle for the planet” cycle tour to the courtyard festival of the garden cooperative club in Bad Krozingen. Set up of our info stall, networking.

  • Participation in the “Hambi bleibt” demo in Freiburg. Together with other campaign groups and hundreds of demonstrators we took a stand against the deforestation of the Hambacher forest and coal mining.

  • Presentation at the “Impulse for the Future” in Freiburg.

  • Screening of “Agrocalypse – The Day GMO Soy arrived” with director talks and info stall at culture festival in Freiburg

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